5-14-2017 Unlearning Your Fear(Pastora Mirian Ramos)

4-30-2017 Not Too Late(Pastor Lou Ramos)
4-23-2017 When Dreams Are Dashed(Pastor Lou Ramos)
4-16-2017 The Greatest Comeback(Pastor Lou Ramos)
4-09-2017 Jesus Is Enough  (Pastor Lou Ramos)
4-02-2017 A Deeper Kind of Comeback Story  (Pastor Lou Ramos)

3/26/2017 God's Word Demands Our Response (Pastor Lou Ramos)
3-19-2017 God's Word Reveals Jesus (Pastor Amber Harvey)
3-12-2017 God's Word speak to our lives (Pastor Lou Ramos)
3-05-2017 Gods Word is Trustworthy  (Pastor Lou Ramos)

2-26-2017 Breaking Boundaries  (Youth Pastor,Edwin Serrano Jr.)
2-19-2017 My encounter with Jesus  (Ana Cutz)
2-12-2017 Slow Down For loving Union  (Pastora Mirian Ramos)
2-05-2017 Face your Shadow  (Pastor Lou Ramos)

1-29-2017 Receive His Love   (Pastor Lou Ramos)
1-22-2017 Trust His Lordship   (Pastor Lou Ramos)
1-15-2017 Rely on His Energy (Pastor Lou Ramos)
1-08-2017 Accept His Work       (Pastor Lou Ramos)